Realistic Eyes

Realistic Eye

How to Draw Realistic Eyes

Hello there fellow artist – we will be learning how to draw realistic eyes. I found some great tutorials to share and think they will really help and a few games that work as well, they are like a rendering type where you can draw from your device or wacom and just pass it right thru the computer, there are a lot like this type, you can click here for gaming services and look for the right online game  for you, it’s a great to start and to see your design in digital so you can send them and retouch them in other programs.  Just remember when you are drawing a realistic eye, you must realizing shading doesn’t make it better. Just because it’s called realistic, doesn’t mean you overly shade. Realistic to a true artist is a piece of art that is based and looks like a certain person, place, or thing. So if I give you a drawing of something and looks close to an eye, but has lots of shading, then you really cannot call it realistic. If I drew you an eye that has the exact shapes and looks like an eyeball, then that’s more realistic. Also be sure to view my first tutorial on how to draw eyes here because it could really help with this lesson: How to Draw Eyes.

What I’m trying to explain is that shading isn’t the key to make any drawing realistic. The exact shapes come first, and then the shading. If you want to use LoL proper shading, then visit this website: How to Shade. It teaches you how to shade, but it also teaches you what you must do before you shade.

Anyway, below is one of the great tutorials found. If you want to view the original drawing tutorial, go here: How to Draw A Realistic Eye. Find it helpful hopefully!

How to Draw A Realistic Eye

Also, there is another drawing tutorial here: How to Draw A Realistic Eye; Tips. Lot’s of useful tips in that lesson. Other than that, I hope you found this lesson helpful. Be sure to share and comment! Keep in mind that if you are looking for information sometimes you want to be able to look away, take a break from your work. I like to exercise regularly, I have found that feeling healthy is a good feeling that is constructive for creativity. Bad health can on the contrary can pose a distraction. I even take a natural health supplement called Kratommasters that has been working great for me. I highly recommend it if you have been looking for a good one.

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Realistic Eyes
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